Conforming to how the Indian Industry works where typical sanitary retailers also sell sink units and faucets for kitchens, Hafele has clubbed all products for Kitchen Sink units and Bathroom fittings under its Sanitary Solutions Range.
Through this range, we introduce some reigning technologies in global markets in the form of designer kitchen sinks & faucets, washbasins & faucets for Bathrooms and a magnitude of shower solutions. Apart from housing our own core range, we have also strategically partnered with Global Leaders in Kitchen and Bathroom technologies and selected such innovations from their range that combine contemporary designs with world-class functionality and strictly conform to the practicing quality standards worldwide. While we maintain the trademark standardization in quality that Hafele is known for, we still manage to individualize our solutions to best meet your specific home sanitary needs.
Our foray into the sanitary vertical, though young, still proves to be a logical step towards the fact that Hafele has now formed a consolidated presence in the Indian Markets as your 'one-stop partner for all home interior solutions'.


The hub of all cleaning and washing activities in your kitchen is the sink centre. This necessitates the inclusion of a well-capacitated kitchen sink along with an efficient yet water-saving faucet to bring out the true functionality of this centre.
Hafele brings to you its unique range of kitchen sinks and faucets that comes with latest technologies, practicing designs and unmatched operational functionality


When it comes to bathrooms, your level of involvement goes a step beyond mere hygiene. Your bathroom is your personal space and it should instill a sense of relaxation within you after you retire from a hard day's work. It should work the magic of reviving your inner peace and tranquility. While the basic design and colour of your bathroom play a very important role in achieving this, the bathroom fittings cannot be forgotten. Your maximum interaction within the bathroom is with the fittings there in. They need to meet your day-to-day requirement and subtly add to the luxury of your personal space.
For your bathrooms, we bring the versatility from different parts of the Globe in the form of vanity units, wash basins, shower fittings and faucets under the Hafele ICONIC range. Hafele ICONIC simply represents the 'Best of the Best' from all reigning global trends and practices in Bathroom Functionality. If you aspire to create your bathroom exactly the way you want it, we have the ability to match your individuality with our fittings. Our range also caters to the inquisitive eye of your children with an exclusive collection of attractive, child-friendly soft washbasins from Spain. These washbasins are available in a host of colours giving your child the option to choose his favourite pick that matches the overall bedroom and bathroom hue. Our elite collection of shower and steam fittings can recreate the experience of relaxation for Spa-freaks who can spend endless hours in and around water.