About - indoor park kitchen world

Indoor Park, as a Hafele Kitchen Partner, we provide end to end solutions for our customers for their modular kitchen, wardrobe, crockery shelf and TV unit needs. We take site measurements, design, selection of fittings, accessories and appliances, on confirmation from your end, do the delivery, installation and maintenance. The wide range of products from Hafele and the wide choice of quality furniture help us to provide a customised solution spanning a wide price range, to our customers and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. A house become a home when it is personalised, which should reflect your lifestyle, personality and choices. It is not easy, but we can help you to do just that, may be make your guests feel a bit jealous.

Our carcass and shutters are from kollam, where they have sophisticated machineries to produce very high quality products The shutters are of many finishes like laminate, acrylic, glaks, aluminium with glass, ceramic, acrylic texture , super-matt, R gloss, veneer and PU/lacquer.
We also sell the entire range of products retail, to end customers, interior designers and contractors. Visit our showroom, see the products on display, we are sure, your time will be well spent in deciding what you want to buy for your modular kitchen and wardrobes.